Hero System

There are 3 species of heroes that you can recruit, each with different specialties and feats. Heroes are rated in stars, from 1 to 5, 5 being the best. Higher rating indicates more growth potentials.


Lupine: specializes in physical attacks. Key attribute: Strength
Mortal: adept in magical attacks of high damage but low hit rate. Key attribute: Intellect
Blood: possesses a unique Bloodpool which activates powerful feats when reaching a certain number. Key attribute: Instinct



Hero -> Manage -> Available -> Recruit


Recruitable heroes join your race after you defeat them in the world map campaign. You can check all the available heroes and hire the desirable ones in the Hero panel. 



Hero -> Train 

Training is the only way to level your heroes in Vampire War. Simply select the duration and ways of payment in the Train panel, and the training process will start right away. During the training time, you can click Progress to use Prestige or Soulgem to add EXP.



Hero -> Manage -> Enlighten

Enlightment is an ancient way to dig in the potentials of heroes, raising their basic attributes i.e. Strength, Instinct an Intellect.


Equipment and Enchant

Hero -> Manage -> Equip

There are 3 universal equipment i.e. Head, Attire and Amulet, and 3 exclusive equipment, Ring for Blood, Tome for Mortal and Weapon for Lupine. Each equipment is ranked by their quality and identified by the color of the name, white, blue, purple, yellow and orange, orange being the best.



Item -> Enchant

Enchanting can bring out the best of a gear by greatly raising its stats up to 110 times. Each enchanting costs a small sum of Silver. The success rate fluctuates from time to time.



Hero -> Manage -> Diablion

Diablion sacreifices a Hero’s level and experience to improve their constitution and potential. Each Diablion will cost a large amount of Vitae and Exploit but the reward is pretty handsome.



Hero -> Formation

Formation gives you the buffs in the battlefield and determines the number of heroes you can dispatch. The available hero slot can be increased by researching the related Formation in the Chapel.